Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids Love His “Pasta Tina” Recipe | Video

Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids Love His “Pasta Tina” So Much, He Shared the Easy Recipe on His Show

April 15, 2020 by KARENNA MEREDITH 4.2K Shares

Jimmy Kimmel recently shared his go-to pasta recipe for his two small kids, and it’s surprisingly easy! On Tuesday, the late-night host released a step-by-step video showing how he makes “Pasta Tina,” aka the dish he cooks “almost every day.” The unique name comes from pastina, a smaller style of pasta, although these days he uses a “bigger pasta” like cavatappi. You only need seven ingredients to replicate the meal at home, including cannellini beans, which are blended to a creamy texture so kids will never know the difference.

At the end of his tutorial, Jimmy served the pasta to 5-year-old Jane and 2-year-old Billy, who gave it their seal of approval. “It’s good,” Jane confirmed, with a big thumbs up. Watch the clip above to see every step of Jimmy’s process, and then keep reading for the full recipe straight from the host himself.

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